A little story about us

Idea   •   Create   •   Build   •   Collaborate   •   Grow



Our Vision

Our focus is to be the leading business development player for all major curated themed events in North America.


Our Team

Our Pop n Shop Events team consist of a variety of career oriented individuals who understand what it is like to launch and grow an event or business while keeping event organizers, vendors, sponsors and visitors in mind. We are affiliated with a team of experts in marketing, business development, web design, photography, videography, accounting, entertainment and many more. Our diversity has enabled us to build a large network of businesses and pool together various event related services to develop successful and collaborative events.

We also offer multi service operations that integrate seamlessly and add value to every event or business organization through our creative approaches.



Our Inspiration

We are here to build a collective goal to transform ideas into reality.

Start-ups can be costly; no matter your age, budget or lifestyle. We want to create a cost effective opportunity and support ordinary people to become extraordinary.

We work with you to build your business or event while ensuring that our clients focus on realistic objectives and on what makes their operations thrive.

We believe in a collaboration where together, everyone achieve more, and this was the basis in which inspired us to cultivate a network filled with creative synergies.