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  • GR OM Stones 6

Where every piece tells a story…


Kaitlin and Micaela are aspiring entrepreneurs with a sense of style, strong ambition and an appreciation for yoga and mindfulness.  They started The Grounded Route Jewellery & Inspiration Co. to provide their community with handmade wearable inspiration to cultivate their uprising.  Looking for the right path to follow, and in learning to trust the universe, these two mavens began hand making gemstone jewellery to match every outfit and eventually those of their friends.  

OM Stones were created to combine the healing energies of gemstones, and are always rooted in the grounding elements of lava stones; uniquely made and never replicated for your personal energy combination of choice.  The variety of gemstone combinations allows the wearer to choose the energy they wish to influence their life and support them in following their ambitions and take actions to manifest their dreams.  OM Stones are spreading like wildfire, and the founders are confident that many in their generation have similar mindsets and could be looking for a symbolic piece to guide them to greatness.  

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OM Stones will be sold at a number of festivals this year and are also soon to be available at http://www.thegroundedroute.com as well as on The Grounded Route Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/thegroundedroute.  OM Stone styles vary for both men and women and include a collection of grounding bracelets, also combining gemstones to match your OM Stone necklace.  Kaitlin and Micaela are happy to take custom and bulk orders for individuals, larger groups, bridal parties or retail sale.  

OM Stones can be created in custom designs for personal inspiration or to be gifted in your own community.  The Grounded Route aims to provide a variety of wearable inspiration to support the dreamer, doer and achiever to rise above our limitations and cultivate our best life.


Visit them at The Grounded Route for a unique selection of Gemstone Inspired Jewelry


Featured Media Wall Sponsor and Exhibitor at the 5th Annual Yogathon in Toronto

Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/yogathontoronto



Come to the event and try on some lovely pieces from this exquisite designer!

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