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Come join us at the Fitness Summit!




Saturday, November 19th – 9am to 6pm
Sunday, November 20th – 9am to 6pm


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About the Fitness Summit

The Natural Fitness Summit will be the largest collaboration of natural fitness organizations to help showcase natural fitness and bodybuilding and will feature an expo, competitions, speaker series and workshops.

The 2016 Natural Fitness Summit EXPO will feature dozens of exhibitors showcasing everything from nutritional products to fitness and bodybuilding organizations to athletic apparel and more. The Natural Fitness Summit represents the first collaboration of natural fitness and bodybuilding organizations from around the world to promote and forward the sport of natural fitness and bodybuilding, its competitors, fans and sponsors. Attendees will be able to enjoy a full expo featuring dozens of booths showcasing a wide range of products and services of interest to natural fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts, from supplements to fitness equipment to apparel to fitness clubs and more.

On the EXPO stage, attendees will have an opportunity to watch competitions hosted by some of the organizations that will be a part of the Natural Fitness Summit EXPO. In addition, the exciting first ever “World’s Strongest Natural Bodybuilder” competition and the “My Best Self” transformation challenges will be taking place on the stage. All of these competitions, in addition to the speaker series and workshops, are included in the single day or two day admission price, representing an incredible value for every attendee!

It is through the combined promotional efforts of several organizations from around the world and the networks of influential sponsors, speakers, photographers and well known competitors that we anticipate drawing over 3000 attendees from across Canada, the US and beyond and we expect that number to grow significantly each year.


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Audience and Demographics



• Health and fitness enthusiasts, personal trainers and other health professionals
• Natural fitness and bodybuilding competitors
• Consumers who want to better their body and live better
• 60:40 ratio of female to male attendees
• Largest age demographic is 24-35 years of age
• Consumers willing and able to invest in products and services that will benefit their health and performance
• Key influencers on social media who inspire action in their fans
• Early adopters of products/services that prove valuable for health & fitness gains

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Sponsors & Participants


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Marketing Campaign

• Unique, intimate style EXPO allows more interaction with attendees and more traffic to exhibitors and sponsors
• Floor plan designed for maximum flow through all areas of the EXPO
• Schedule of events to keep each area of the EXPO filled with continuous traffic flow and retain audience throughout the weekend
• Increased promotional budget of 500% and increased length of promotion of 8 months in 2016!
• Increased production budget of 200%
• Television coverage introduced in 2016!
• Sponsors have vastly enhanced opportunities to showcase their brands

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Options to Participate


Opportunity for …..


• On-site sales and sampling directly to end-consumers
• Create Brand Awareness
• Make face-to-face personal contact
• Generate leads
• Grow your email database with interested and relevant consumers
• Network, network, network!
• Testimonial opportunities from key influencers



Due to the popularity of this event,  all Exhibitor Booth Sponsorship are all SOLD OUT

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To Apply

Application Form for Vendors and Sponsors:

Register Now !

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Contact Us

For more information, contact us at

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The Westin Harbour Castle

1 Harbour Square
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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