Fitting FUN into Fitness …. It’s a Science

Fitting FUN into Fitness …. It’s a Science

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Athletic Traynor Services is about consulting and coaching you to lead a better lifestyle. It is a concept by Melissa Traynor ACSM EPc, CISSN that involves bringing you a blend of experiences and tools to help you fit in fitness and healthy eating anytime, anywhere. In order to perform in and out of the office, and in doing things you love for a long time, we must make good food, good vibes and movement of all kinds a part of the norm. This can be a challenge due to time, budget constraints, a lack of accountability or not having the right tools. The goal is always to help your level of #MPOWERment so you learn and apply how it is possible to live a holistically healthier life no matter the obstacles in your way. From your home or condo, and equipped studio or gym, to outdoor training and forms of online communications, the aim is to meet you where you are at in terms of your knowledge, skills and abilities with an emphasis towards busy parents and families looking to thrive, not just survive. There is always a way to fit in fitness all while having some fun, but yes, you’ve gotta earn it!


Melissa will be offering a 20% discount on a Genetic Test for Personalized Nutrition (Full Price: $ 249+hst) or a FREE 30 minute consultation session. The consultation session requires some homework to be submitted prior to the call/meeting.


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We are so excited to have you participating at this year’s Cityfest!


3 Days till the big day #Cityfest2016 Saturday, August 27 12 to 9pm at Canoe Landing ParkART X MUSIC X FUN


Ready for FIT in the City at Toronto’s Largest City Life Event at the @torontopopnshopevents booth


Free Giveaways and interaction fitness classes every hour from 12 pm to 9 pm


Check out the event page for the schedule and further details  


12 pm – Sexy Latin Cadio Warm Up

1 pm   – Relaxing Yoga

2 pm   – Tae Bo Revolution

3 pm   – Relaxing Yoga

4 pm   – Sizzling Zumba

5 pm  – HIIT Training Encore

6 pm   – Flow with Yoga

7 pm – Latin Heat Finale