Nobody can Say “I love you” quite like a flower…

Nobody can Say “I love you” quite like a flower…

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In celebration of Valentine’s we are featuring one of our favorite Floral designers.


Violet Dodaro has always had an eye for beauty and a hand for design. She sews. She knits. She paints. Everything she sees or imagines with spellbounding detail and accuracy. But it is the flowers that really talk magic to her.

When Violet picks up a flower, she can already see the finished arrangement that will bring out not only the flower’s natural beauty, but also the feelings wrapped up in the special occasion that flower is about to adorn.

Because life is all about bringing joy to those we love. And nothing can say “I love you” or “you make me happy” quite like a flower can!

Learn more about her amazing designs at and watch the magic unfold at your next event.