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Pop n Shop Events is a one stop shop for events, marketing, business development, brand promotions, media services and creating interactive experiences for you to connect to your potential clients.

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"I have known the partners of Pop N Shop Events for almost a year, and have worked with them on several occasions. In the time that I have known them, I have found them to be professional, business-oriented people that care deeply about their company and the industry they cater to. The result of the work that they provide is always thoroughly detailed to flow perfectly with each individual event. Having hired them once myself for an event, I found that they exceeded my expectations tenfold; they took care all of the planning for me, and presented me with ideas, designers, models and all other details needed for the event to run smoothly. I recommend Pop N Shop Events to anyone working in the beauty industry because they add value to everything they participate in and are reliable 110% of the time. You can always count on them to give you the best of the best."

Sarah Balanoff Beauty –