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slimonSlimon Teatox is a Canadian based company. They sell 100% organic tea blends tailored for people who have an active lifestyle. Their mission is to help people achieve their fitness goals and live a healthy lifestyle. The company wants to motivate people to push their limits and ENJOY the process of transformation. That’s why Slimon offers eating plans and weekly challenge videos, where one can find out tips & tricks as well as challenge themselves. Check it out for yourself http://slimon.ca/blogs/weekly-challenge

The product is 100% organic. It is suitable for vegan diet, paleo and low-carb diet.


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They noticed the magic of Herbal blends a long time ago in eastern Europe, where people use natural ingredients to fight illnesses and disease. It encouraged them to gain more knowledge on the subject of tea, healthy herbs and mixology. Upon returning to Canada they found that the miracle of herb blends are largely undiscovered, so Slimon made it their mission to spread the teatox magic. After much research and taste-testing, a perfect combination of benefits and yummy taste were found.


Featured Exhibitor International Day of Yoga

Event Link: http://bit.ly/253b43k





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