When Fashion Meets Luxury… The African Revolution

When Fashion Meets Luxury… The African Revolution

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TOFARA is the African Net-a-Porter – an ecommerce site that provides carefully curated, contemporary African luxury fashion, with a focus on high quality statement pieces.

TOFARA was born from the belief that global consumers want authentic and innovative products, and are also interested in the stories behind the product’s creation. Every piece on our site tells a story of its designer and the artisans who handcrafted the final product.

TOFARA was founded by Eriver Muwanguzi in 2016. He has had a life-long affair with fashion and design, while also nursing a strong desire to showcase the best of Africa to the world. Tofara is a venture that allows him to express both passions.

Eriver combines his business acumen with an eye for appealing, fashion-forward design to shape the vision for his fashion label.

Come and see the TOFARA collection live at our next upcoming event.