When Pilates meets HIIT & Yoga

When Pilates meets HIIT & Yoga

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Amanda La Magna and Brit McQuarrie teach many classes all over Toronto and aim to spread as much knowledge, inspiration and motivation to as many people as they can while continuing to educate themselves and learn at every opportunity. Amanda and Brit started PULSE PUMP PRANA to build a community and bring together anyone devoted to bettering their health and fitness levels. Whether you’re a beginner or intermediate, there is a place for you. They teach a mixture of Pilates, HIIT (high intensity interval training) and Yoga. They believe that this combination and precise order is the best formula for the most well-balanced workout there is! They teach Pilates first to establish proper breathing, muscle activation, skeletal stabilization and engagement of the core. Then they move on to the HIIT workout which is amazing for getting your heart rate up, building strength and endurance and afterwards keeping you in a fat burning zone for up to 48 hours! Last but not least they move on to some soft yogic stretching and standing postures to open and release any tension in the body. Yogic stretching is a form of fascial stretch and release to help lengthen tight and inflamed muscles and tissue. The session ends with a mediation in Savasana “Corpse Pose” to let the body absorb all of the movement as your energy (Prana) flows effortlessly through your body where you may have had blockages before. This is their goal. To create total body awareness through mind and movement.

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They want to help guide you in the growth of your knowledge of health and fitness from a holistic viewpoint where you can search within to create the best version of yourself. Amanda and Brit absolutely love to teach their donation-based park classes and soon they will also be hosting wellness workshops and destination retreats to better accommodate everyone at every price point. They want to provide you with an on-the-go wellness utopia because they eat, sleep, live and breathe health and fitness and they can’t wait to continue on this journey with all of you! Forever learning, forever growing and forever improving!

Love Amanda and Brit

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Website: www.pulsepumpprana.com

Facebook: <a href="https://www.facebook.com/pulse.pump weight loss tablets that work.prana/”>https://www.facebook.com/pulse.pump.prana/


Featured FIT in the City Instructor with Pop N Shop Events

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